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Experience Brings Quality
Sewing Machine Options
Environmentally Friendly

BERNIA Sewing Machine – Their 120 Years of Experience ShowsBernina History

Bernina has been bringing quality sewing machines and embroidery machines to customers for over 120 years. As you know, Swiss companies are well-known for their precision in creating equipment and watches with precision and accuracy. Their sewing machines are no different.

Bernina prides themselves on being the leading provider of sewing machines longer than any other producer and plans to continue providing the same quality you count on for another hundred years.


Bernina History

BERNINA Sewing Machine

In 1893, Karl Friedrich Gegauf, invented the first sewing machine of modern kind was invented. It could create over 100 stitches in a single minute. In 1900, their first factory was established. It was purchased across the world in large quantities. It made everyday manufacturing easier, such as making clothes, making bedding, and creating home decor.


After Karl Friedrich Gegauf’s death in 1928, his two son’s took over the company and continued his mission. In 1932, the first sewing machine for home use was made. Customers raved about the ability to save money by creating their own home goods. They saved a lot of money by purchasing fabric to create their own items, as opposed to buying manufactured goods.


Over the years, the company developed the machine into what it is now. They also developed the embroidery machine. Over the years their machines became more advanced and more sophisticated. They were able to provide increased functionality and let people create better items at home. Housewives were able to make money from their homemade goods and homes were thriving from the additional income.


In 1986, the first computer was put into one of their machines. This allowed for greater precision and easier use. It also allowed for a wider range of stitch patterns. It also allowed people to attach buttons with greater ease. Customers love that they could program in patterns and the machine would automatically stitch it onto their project.


In 1993, the first machine with programmed patters was created. This machine contained over 400 patterns. The machine was able to stitch them with very little help from the user. It was also able to sew in 16 directions, which allowed for greater versatility and a wider range of use.


Experience Brings Quality

We all know that strong experience brings quality products. They have provided multiple makes and models of their equipment over the years and they know exactly what their customers need. They have reinvented the sewing machine and the embroidery machine on numerous occasions, and they will reinvent it over and over again in the years to come.


As a family owned company, they have the ability to provide products and services that most manufacturers do not. They strive to provide the value their customers need, along with the long-term quality they are looking for.


Sewing Machine Options

This company prides themselves on the versatility of their machine options. Currently, they have many different machine options available, as well as multiple types of accessories that can be added to your machine. They also provide software that makes using their embroidery machines easier and practically hands free.


Economically Friendly and Environmentally Friendly

Bernina sewing machines are known for more than just their products. They are also known for their stance on remaining environmentally friendly and building a sustainable business, all while minimizing their carbon footprint.


Since sewing machines are composed of metal and plastic, this is a huge commitment. However, they have taken special measures to ensure that their manufacturing facilities are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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