Special Threads

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  • Monofil Fine Transparent, No.60, 200m/220yd

    MONOFIL No.60 is a fine and transparent sewing thread for invisible seams. Especially suitable to attach trims, pearls and ribbons.

    Can also be used for invisible seaming.

    Available on 220 yd/200 m and 1100 yd/1000 m spools.

  • Monofil Fine Transparent No.60, 1000m/1100yd

    MONOFIL No.60 is a fine and transparent sewing thread for invisible seams. Especially suitable to attach trims, pearls and ribbons.

    Can also be used for invisible seaming.

    Available on 220 yd/200 m and 1100 yd/1000 m spools.

  • NEW: Frosted MATT, 500m

    The new MADEIRA’s Frosted Matt No. 40, the world’s first truly matt and light-fast embroidery thread brings a new sensation to the perception of colors and new highs to light fastness (6-8, excluding fluorescent). Due to the unique construction and special finish, this embroidery thread intensively reflects the true colors. Frosted Matt is produced using exclusive dying methods resulting in an unmatched overall rating and light fastness. Colors remain and don’t fade easily, as others do.

    Available in 40 colors

    Click here to download the .pdf version of Frosted MATT colors thread guide catalog

    Note: The picture graphics color reflects the color appearance in your computer and is for reference only.

  • Heavy Metal, 12 colors, 5m Value Packs

    Metallic Threads Creativity and special effects starts with Metallic Threads.
    Strong enough to use on soft furnishings, for decorative seams and all other kinds of sewing and quilting. The thread always runs smoothly even on high speed machines. Choose from four exclusive finishes. With a revolutionary process that bonds a shimmery foil wrap to a thread core, MADEIRA has created metallic thread that is the sturdiest you can buy. This precision German engineering makes MADEIRA metallics durable enough for all purposes.

    55.00 37.00
  • Elastic Invisible Knitting-In Thread, 220 yd/200 m

    Elastic accompanying yarn for reinforcing sleeves, collars and waists. Increases the resistance of all knits and prevents the unpopular sagging. It is transparent in use and therefore invisible in knitted garments. The easy-care material is machine washable – the elasticity is thus maintained even after repeated washing. Ideal for fashionable knitwear that needs more stability due to frequent wearing, such as fashion pulse warmers, leg warmers and headbands

    45.00 38.00
  • Gold and Silver Thread

    9664G&SThe choice of professionals when they want the best for machine sewing and embroidery.

    • For machine embroidery, hand embroidery and decorative sewing.
    • Made with 2% real silver.
    • 100m/110-yd spool



    57.00 39.00
  • Monolon Transparent Sewing Thread

    Monolon is a fine transparent nylon thread, simply perfect for a variety of applications including invisible sewing, machine appliqué and hemming. Excellent for invisible sewing on ribbon, lace or decorative threads. Use for applications requiring blind stitch and the transparent Monolon thread will blend into the fabric.

    55.00 45.00
  • Smoking Gathering Thread, 200m

    Smoking is a special thread which reacts to heat. The thread shrinks drawing an iron over the fabric slowly, while the fabric does not, causing the fabric to pucker in a controlled way. The wrinkled effects are beautiful and limitless. No special needles are needed, and shrink embroidery can be sewn on any type of embroidery machine.

    A regular household iron is perfect for this purpose.

    65.00 45.00
  • Wash-Away Basting Thread

    Wash-Away water soluble basting thread helps you avoid the frustration of removing basting stitches because it disappears with water or steam from an iron or damp press. It is a time saver for all kinds of basting, including basting zippers, hems, gathers, pleats, set-in sleeves, positioning pockets, fitting and quilting and appliqué.

    Important: Wash-Away dissolves in water, but not in dry cleaning solution. Store in a dry place such as a zip-lock bag or plastic wrap. Do not handle with wet hands.

    55.00 45.00
  • Halloween Glow in the Dark Thread

    Halloween Glow in the Dark Thread adds an element of fun and safety to costumes or trick-or-treat bags with this glow-inthe- dark thread.

    Charge ‘Halloween’ thread with natural or artificial light for a few seconds.

    A new technology makes this thread glow in the dark, time after time, and much longer than other glow-in-the-dark threads.

    Popular with joggers, baby and children’s items and any other design to show off at night.

    Machine washable and dryable. Works with all embroidery designs.

    100% Ployester

    One spool per pack. 110 yd/100 m.

    85.00 65.00