MADEIRA’s Frosted Matt No. 40, the world’s first truly matt and light-fast embroidery thread brings a new sensation to the perception of colors and new highs to light fastness (6-8, excluding fluorescent). Due to the unique construction and special finish, this embroidery thread intensively reflects the true colors. Frosted Matt is produced using exclusive dying methods resulting in an unmatched overall rating and light fastness. Colors remain and don’t fade easily, as others do.


MADEIRA has been producing embroidery thread since 1919 and its extensive product range has included both standard qualities and effect threads from the very beginning. MADEIRA is active throughout the world, drawing inspiration from all over the world and putting it into practice in embroidery themes.

 The core range is supplemented with a very extensive product range of embroidery accessories, such as needles, backings and films. A new embroidery business just starting up can therefore make full use of the benefits of having just a single supply source. We can also provide you with support, since we are experts not only in threads, but also in add-on products and techniques. Our goal is to make sure you are secure from the beginning, that you only start on things that are absolutely necessary and that we can grow together.