An embroidery machine, eh? What exactly IS an embroidery machine….to begin with? What does an embroidery machine DO? Why should you have an embroidery machine? Why should you have your OWN embroidery machine? Is an embroidery machine even in existence today? If so, WHO uses an embroidery machine and why? Let’s begin with what an embroidery machine even is, and then we’ll cover FIVE wonderful ones which you can use at home!

This is simply a useful tool if you are seeking to embroider words and symbols in simple or varied fonts. There is really not much more to it than that. If you want to avoid the pain and time-consuming work of traditional and old fashioned sewing, then please… all means, save yourself that time and money and energy by embroidering and even increasing the very accuracy and detailed quality of your finished product. There are five quality brand products you can purchase.

Embroidery machine
When wanting to do things of a more high quality and standard—-and maintaining a better nature to the work—-embroidering can always be a useful hobby, never leaving your side. Yet there are many mistakes which beginners may make when using such a machine….that one should be aware of. I will list a few of these mistakes, and with the increased knowledge and awareness given from such a list… as a consumer may be all the more alert and positive—-as well as prepared—-to go out and purchase; use your own personal embroidery machine.

My hope for you is that you stick with it and do not get discouraged when using your machine…you will have five wonderful ones to choose from in this selection and be able to truly advance yourself in this wonderful hobby and helpful art form. Unlike with traditional sowing, mistakes are far easier to correct as well… new embroiderer, do not lose hope! The best for you is yet to come! According to writer Hope Yoder (pg. 1), a few common mistakes include: not cleaning the equipment and machine itself, not threading properly, not performing maintenance checks, not changing the needle often enough or simply using whichever needle is currently inside of the machine, not using the proper bobbin, not using embroidery bobbin thread, ‘floating’ every project instead of hopping, and poor hooping technique…among some others. Note as I mentioned before: these are just suggestions for a better quality experience. Now then, six quality machines which you can get for your home are: the Janome MB 4S four-needle, the Brother SE400 Combination, the Singer Future CE250, the Janome Memory Craft, and the Brother 1034 D-3 Thread, Bernina 880.


These six products can be fun and provide a good ‘learning experience’…and eventually even ‘earning experience’ if you truly desire it. They make a quick and excellent form of income as a personal business. We certainly know what we’re talking about; our company Madeira has been in the embroidery business since 1919… .and provides you with a large variety of products to choose from in all ranges, shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.


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