Normal Washing Embroidered articles are best washed with mild detergent with no chemical admixtures at60oC/ 140oF. Never lave damp embroidered items folded or pressed together, especially embroidery being washed for the first time. Do not tumble dry unless the item has been thoroughly rinsed. Never wring out an embroidered item. The lower the washing temperature, […]

MADEIRA’s precision-made needles are made especially for MADEIRA’s threads and guarantee the best results. Each type of needle was designed, developed and engineered to meet the most exacting industrial performance standards Rayon No. 40   Universal needles, size 75/11 (Art. No. 9450) Cotona No. 30  Titanium Needles size 80/12 (Art. No. 9454T) and Universal needle 75/11 (Art. No. […]

MADEIRA’s Classic Viscose Rayon Raw Material Origin: Natural fiber from trees Thread Appearance: Very brilliant; Smooth soft sheen; Natural living silk Thread Touch: Soft Recommended Market Segment: Fashion/Sports led & orientated Thread Strength: High tensile strength, with high wet strength compared to cheaper viscose Embroidering: Easy, very flexible thread, precise, clear embroidery Recommended Machine Speeds: High speeds Thread Strength: Minimum breakage Residue: Very […]

MADEIRA’s pre-wound under thread bobbins are ideal. These bobbins have a very even thread tension,are easy to use and always to hand. Pre-wound bobbins save time, since most bobbin winders mounted on the machine only run during the embroidery process, you have to keep an eye on your supply of under thread spools. MADEIRA’s Bobbinfil […]

Backing and/or special embroidery films are vital components for good quality embroidery. They stabilize the textile area ready to be embroidered. Since there is such a large variety of textiles in different thicknesses and materials, there is also a large variety of different backings. If possible, you should only work with a single layer of […]

Once you have gained a little experience, it’s worth trying out other thread variants and strengths step by step. It really is helpful to keep all your own stitched embroideries, even if you are only experimenting for your own use. You can use them to show a customer where the limits of possibility lie or […]

The number after the product name, such as “CLASSIC No. 40”, gives information on the thread weight and thickness. The standard thread is No. 40. For embroidery threads, a smaller number means a thicker thread and a larger number a finer thread. No.60 is therefore finer than No.40 weight thread.

A large number of embroidery colors is offered in both thread types. It is advisable to concentrate on a limited number of standard colors for bulk purchases to start with. However, a full range of colors in a smaller make-up is a good idea so you have all colors in the relevant quality for sampling […]

A typical embroidery design contains 6,000 stitches. This means each 220 yard/200 m Smart Spool with its 40,000 stitches per spool will produce 40 designs on average. That’s plenty of thread for most home embroiderers. In fact, with the Smart Spool size, you can afford to buy thread more often and experiment with new colors […]

Using standard thread weight No. 40 and a stitch length of 4mm, around 200,000 stitches can be embroidered with 1,000m. With 5,000m cones, 1,000,000 stitches can be embroidered. As a rule of thumb the calculation of thread consumption per 1,000 stitches is: upper threads approximately 5m, under threads approx. 3-3.5m.

Standard weight CLASSIC No. 40 and POLYNEON No.40 are available as spools and cones, i.e. 1,000 or 5,000 meters of turnout. It is a good idea to work with cones for basic colors and with spools for colors you use less often. In order to minimize assembly times, you should try to reserve a fixed […]

Bobbinfil bobbin thread is the choice of professionals when they want the best of machine sewing and embroidery, because the thread’s quality has been especially developed for optimal use on high speed computerized embroidery machines, The thread is much finer than other bobbin threads so more can be wound onto the bobbin, and best embroidery […]

The success of embroidery is partly down to the beautiful natural shine of the embroidery thread. The CLASSIC viscose embroidery thread has these properties. It can be used universally, making it the clear number one. If the embroidered item is to be subjected to industrial washing or bleaching processes, the POLYNEON polyester thread is recommended, […]

MADEIRA has been producing embroidery thread since 1919 and its extensive product range has included both standard qualities and effect threads from the very beginning. MADEIRA is active throughout the world, drawing inspiration from all over the world and putting it into practice in embroidery themes. The core range is supplemented with a very extensive […]