Chapter One: Embroidery Crafts
Chapter Two: Embroidery Designs

What you need to know about embroidery crafts.

Making Embroidery Crafts and Embroidery Designs can be rather entertaining, challenging, and rewarding use of your time, with a few simple, and inexpensive tools you’ll be on your way to designing some of the finest looking artworks on earth. It will take some patience, learning, and advice from seasoned masters of the craft, but once you pick it up you’ll find this artform can even be very lucrative.

Embroidery Crafts

Embroidery is a craft involving a needle, thread, and yarn, as well as other delicate materials to create complex designs of which some are traditional to many cultures clothing, especially in the middle east and far eastern cultures. There are six traditional techniques and some new modern techniques and stitches, most Embroidery Crafts are created using cotton, rayon or novelty yarns, but were traditionally made using silk, linen or wool. Embroidery may be done by hand but for very complex designs and patterns oftentimes an embroidery machine is used.

Embroidery Crafts

A modern embroidery machine is computerized and is often used to print company logos or team logos on hats, shirts, pants, and other types of clothing. The first embroidery machines showed up during the industrial revolution, were used then for textiles and were often operated by a team of women.

Embroidery designs vary depending on:

  • Cultural design
  • Artistic design
  • Personal design
  • Specifically-detailed designs
  • Tribal Patterns

Embroidery Designs

The first designs were found in China said to be crafted between the 5th – 3rd centuries B.C., Embroidery designs are important in Islamic society and are on a majority of the clothing and religious tapestries, carpets, palaces, and mosques. Complex designs may best be suited for a machine but hand-crafting the patterns adds a rewarding sensation to each project. Royalty and upper-class around the world order custom embroideries, with exquisite masterpieces from expert designers such as Madeira.

Whether you wish to take up this craft by hand or were seeking more information on Embroidery Crafts and designs, taking up the craft has its charms and rewards, with a small investment towards a masterpiece designer, designers and clients alike feel like they own a piece of history.



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