Shulamit Ron contributes and manages our blog. Shulamit was Born in Kishinev, former USSR. Immigrated to Israel in 1972. She graduated Architecture and Town Planning, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.

Shulamit started quilting in 1984 after accidentally discovering two quilting books in a bookstore. She served on the Board of the Israel Quilters’ Association (2000) and as a Chairperson (2001), participated in group exhibitions in Israel and worldwide, held several solo exhibitions, and published in books and magazines.

Shulamit’s work is based on original designs, influenced by the art and archaeology of Israel and the Middle East. Her work involves a lot of hand embroidery and embellishment. She has made several Ark curtains and Torah mantles for synagogues of the Progressive and Conservative Judaism movements in Israel.

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