It all started in 1919 when the company Burkhardt und Schmidt was founded and began production of cotton sewing threads.

In the 50s MADEIRA developed the technology to process viscose embroidery threads. From there, MADEIRA quickly grew into the most well-known manufacturer of machine embroidery and special effect threads.

The MADEIRA Group today operates worldwide, still as a family business in the “Black Forest” and led in the third generation by twin brothers Michael and Ulrich Schmidt.

MADEIRA has to this day retained the philosophy from its early beginnings: the best product quality and excellent service for satisfied customers.

Quality assurance at MADEIRA means constantly reviewing the raw materials used, comprehensive laboratory tests before and after dyeing, application-specific tests of the running characteristics of the threads, monitoring the guaranteed washing characteristics, combined with additional single tests according to other DIN and ISO standards.

The result of 90 years of quality tradition is a world leading product range both for large, renowned names in the fashion and sports industries and for lovers of precious needlework.

In 1987 MADEIRA Garne GmbH was founded. It focuses on the discriminating customer via qualified wholesalers and retailers. A new delivery programme with selling units for retail outlets includes not only machine embroidery and sewing threads, but also a range of needlework threads.

These new customers have brought continued success to MADEIRA. The reason for this does not lie solely in the quality of threads. The visions of a management which is young at heart motivate the company’s strong performance and innovative ideas.

Market partners and end consumers therefore appreciate above all our creativity, for MADEIRA freshens up the traditional industry with new packaging techniques and ground-breaking product developments. Examples of this are the blister spiral packaging, which protects precious needlework thread from dirt and dust and developments in the special effect threads.


MADEIRA has its own team for quality control.

This group of competent specialists sequentially checks and tests raw materials in use as well as production processes, according to the most sophisticated criteria applying latest technologies.

Part of it is also the monitoring of assured washing characteristics as well as additional single tests according to DIN and ISO standards.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Marks & Spencer certification standards are also taken into consideration. Special embroidery does not only depend on the design, but also on the fascinating synthesis with the visual effect and composition of the embroidery thread.

A synergy that relies heavily on the working quality of the threads. In addition to that, a modern, computerized, high speed embroidery machines require threads with a maximum output, threads that provide best running characteristics and a production without interruptions. Of course without restricting the artistic direction of the design.

Our quality control and design teams succeeds in responding to this task by co-operating with leading manufacturers of embroidery machines, by choosing best quality raw material and by using the most progressive dying techniques.


MADEIRA is a global player in the embroidery threads industry and the global NUMBER ONE.

This status could only be achieved by our commitment to the BEST BUSINESS ETHICS and the continuous improvement in every part of our business MADEIRA treats her partners in the way MADEIRA would like to be treated by them.

This is with fairness, integrity and mutual respect. MADEIRA treats everybody equally, regardless of nationality, race, sex and religion. MADEIRA will never use any child labor.

MADEIRA will not employ any person below the age of 16 years.

MADEIRA will never use any forced labor, neither prison, indentured, bonded nor otherwise. No employee of MADEIRA has to work for more than 45 hours per week. For overtime, public bank holidays, holidays, etc. MADEIRA will at least meet the legally mandated regulations in the respective countries.

MADEIRA compensates the employees with at least the minimum wages and does not deduct pay for any disciplinary infractions from employees.

MADEIRA grants pregnancy or sick leave even it is not required by the respective countries laws. For all the other benefits, MADEIRA provides at least all those benefits which are legally mandated in the respective country.

MADEIRA complies with the highest standards of safety and health regulations to protect her employees. Production: MADEIRA’s production processes are completely environmentally friendly.

Product: The products of MADEIRA are in accordance with the highest possible safety regulations and are certified as completely safe for humans Recycling: Whenever it is possible, whether it is required by law or not, MADEIRA will recycle all goods she produces in an environmentally friendly way.