Whether you are using a machine or hand embroidery, good tools are essential. You need good tools for good results. And it all starts and ends with top quality threads. ·

Embroidery threads

For embroidery, one of the most important embroidery tools is the threads. They are the key to any embroidery project, for obvious reasons. And for a quality project you need quality threads. We here at Madeira offer a variety of threads, from silk to metallic. It all depends on the type of project you are embarking on.

For example, for a complex floral design you will probably be best off using cotton threads. We recommend first deciding on your project and then purchasing the threads most suitable for you.   ·

Embroidery needles

Top quality needles are essential for any embroidery work. There is a wide selection of sizes, from which you need to select the best one suitable for your specific embroidery project. You can always purchase a set of needles, this way you will have a variety of sizes to choose from in your future embroidery projects.

Embroidery hoop and frames

With your embroidery hoops, you secure your fabric to make it easier for you to do your work. Hoops come in many sizes and are usually made of either wood, metal or plastic.

Some people like to use a frame rather than a hoop, but we find either is great. We recommend you loosen the embroidery fabric when you finish a session in order not to ruin the shape of your fabric. The longer your project the more important you loosen the thread. ·

Embroidery scissors

It’s very important to have a good pair of sharp scissors when embarking on a new embroidery project. If your scissors are not sharp enough your thread might get ruined so do not save on your scissors and buy the best pair that will be with you for a long time. Sharp scissors are essential for a top quality project. ·

Embroidery fabric

No matter what your embroidery project is, you should always try to find the best quality fabric that you can find. If you are taking the time to embroider on sheets, you should use top quality linen.

If you are going to embroider on a piece of fabric and hang it on the wall, you should buy the best fabric you can find. If you are using an embroidery kit, try to find one with top quality fabric and tools. ·

Good lighting

If you have invested your time and money on the best quality tools, you should sit down and embroider with the best lighting possible. Think about it, you have the best tools but your project will be only mediocre because you did not see well enough and you did not notice the little details that can make or break an embroidery project. ·


If you are having issues seeing every single detail of your embroidery project, you should definitely check out magnifiers to help you see all the tiny little details. Many kinds of magnifiers are available. Choose the type you are most comfortable with because you will spend a lot of time working with them. ·


If you care about your embroidery, do not just leave it lying around somewhere around the house. You should store your embroidery project and your embroidery tools in a separate box or bag to guard it from dust and other things that may harm them.

If you take your project with you to embroider in different places, you should have a comfortable bag that you can carry with you.

Now you are ready to embark on your embroidery project. Remember that good tools are the key to any embroidery work, but the most important tool is you and your inspiration, so let it shine!


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