Want to start sewing but don’t have any idea where to start? We gathered for you a list of the essential sewing supplies, starting of course with threads, without which you can’t do anything.

List of essential sewing supplies:

Threads –

threads are the most important sewing supply tool. We use Madeira for the best quality threads. In a lot of projects it is advisable to use a blend of poly-cotton threads. We recommend using only top quality threads and not using old worn out fuzzy lumpy threads.

Pins –

pins are another very important sewing tool. They come in many lengths and thicknesses, with their heads either made of plastic or glass. We use straight pins to attach the pattern to the fabric. We use ball point pins with our machine but also to stretch knit or jersey fabrics before we sew them.

Pin cushions –

this is where you store your pins and needles. You can make it yourself using scrap materials and have fun with it, using all kinds of funky patterns.

Hand sewing needles –

hand sewing needles are as they are called, used to sew by hand. There are different types and different sizes of hand sewing needles; each project has its specific needs and specific needles.

Sewing machine needles –

You can’t use a sewing machine without sewing machine needles. Sewing machine needles also come in different sizes. They can be replaced according to your current project. It’s important to insert and remove the needles properly so you won’t break them.

Scissors –

scissors are very important. We recommend investing a little extra in a good pair of sewing scissors. It can make your life so much easier. There are many different types of sewing scissors, some of which are: buttonhole scissors, pinking shears, thread nippers, etc.

Fabric marking tools –

fabric markers such as tailor’s chalks are used to mark on the fabric for patterns, seams and darts.

Measuring tape –

this is one of the most important sewing supplies. Without a measuring tape you can’t sew anything and all of your other sewing supplies are useless. It is, of course, used to take body measurements.

Seam ripper –

a seam ripper is used to pick out stiches you are not interested in without ruining the fabric. It is an important part of any sewing kit, large or small.

Sewing machine –

a sewing machine can help you with any of your sewing projects, and it makes your sewing work much easier. If you need help learning how to use it you can either use an online tutorial or take a class.

Iron –

here is another useful tool. You should always try to iron your fabric before cutting and sewing, so there are no wrinkles in it, in order to prevent cutting it wrong. We recommend using a steam iron.

Rotary cutter –

this tool is used by quilters, and it comes in different sizes. It is useful in sewing projects with a number of different layers.

Rotary Mat –

you use the rotary mat with the rotary cutter in order to cut fabric.

Bobbins –

bobbins are cylinders around which thread is wound.  Bobbins are used with sewing machines. They are used to feed the thread at the back of stitches.

Having the items on this list should make it easier on you to get started on your first sewing project. We hope this list is useful for you.

We recommend shopping for threads and other sewing supplies and accessories at our website. We wish you good luck on your sewing adventure and remind you not to get frustrated, beginning is hard, and practice makes perfect!


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