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Sewing can be a fun pastime for so many people. There aren’t many things that are more rewarding than the feeling of creating something with your very own hands. People who like embroidery knitting work can depend on the retailer Madeira’s Israel division to cover all of their supply needs, period. If you have a Singer sewing machine, determination and a wonderful sense of imagination, there are so many things waiting for you at Madeira. Madeira Israel is located in the city of Jerusalem.

Why You Should Explore Madeira’s Many Products

If you want to make fantastic use of your Singer sewing machine, there’s no better online shop around than Madeira, that’s for sure. The selection that’s available at Madeira is beyond extensive. The product categories the store offers include hand threads, machine threads, quilting threads, metallic threads, chests, boxes and long arm supplies.

Accessories and “special effects” items are also available through Madeira. If you’re interested in hand threads, for example, you can browse options such as Decora, Mouline and silk. If you’re interested in machine threads, on the other hand, you can browse options such as Rayon, Metallic, Spectra and Cotton. The offered options are abundant.

Madeira Background

Madeira became a prominent manufacturer for machine and hand embroidery threads back in the 1950s, and the rest is history. The Madeira Group is stronger than ever in the modern age. It caters to clients located all around the planet. Although Madeira is undeniably a global force, it remains a family effort in the beautiful Black Forest area of Southwestern Germany.

It’s currently run by Ulrich and Michael Schmidt, twin brothers who are descendants of the company’s original founders. Madeira’s objective is to provide its customers with excellent customer service and first-rate products. If you want to make top-tier creations with your Singer, Brother or Bernina sewing machine, you can count on all of the offerings that are available to you from Madeira.

If you want to witness Madeira’s exemplary quality for yourself, all you have to do is pay close attention to any of the company’s products. Some examples of specific products that are offered by Madeira include stabilizers, miniature treasure chests, machine needles, polyneon sets, 8 spool boxes, bobbin thread and more.

If you want to put your money toward a sturdy miniature treasure chest you can really count on, you can’t go wrong with Madeira’s offerings.

Contact Madeira Today

It isn’t easy to be a superstar with a Singer sewing machine. Becoming a talented sewer is something that calls for a significant amount of work, dedication and energy.

People don’t become skilled sewing experts overnight. It often takes people years or perhaps even decades to become adept sewing gurus. Embroidering cloth may not always be easy, but there’s one related thing that’s always a piece of cake.

That’s selecting the products that can make your embroidering adventures easier, more efficient and more successful. If you want to be a magician with your sewing machine, take a look at the selection that’s waiting for you at Madeira in Israel.

If you want to explore discounted items, be sure to check out the “sale” section that’s prominently on display on the website’s main page. It’s easy for customers to get in contact with the Madeira team, too. If you have any questions about the business’ products, you can send the company a message using a contact form.

If you have questions that relate to business, you can send the company an email as well. The Madeira staff also answers phone calls.


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