Aerofil No. 35, 100m


AEROFIL No. 35 is an extra strong thread and is best perfect heavy duty sewing thread for highly stressed seams or heavy duty fabrics. AEROFIL No. 25 is extremely strong and therefore is recommended for sewing on a wide range of extreme fabrics including leather, denim and tarpaulins.

Available in 50 plain colors

Click here to download the .pdf version of AEROFIL colors thread guide catalog. Please note that the 100m spools are marked with a yellow dot.

Note: The picture graphics color reflects the color appearance in your computer and is for reference only.



The AEROFIL  No.35 extra strong thread unique and exceptional quality is your best choice for soft furnishings and it provides attractive reliefs in buttonholing and decorative stitching. Optimum elongation and the high quality of this extra strong product will  guarantee problem free sewing performances on all sewing machines. It is recommended as top stitching or in the bobbin.  AEROFIL No.35 sews equally well by hand and is just perfect choice for crafts.
Technical Information
  • dtex 400 x 2
  • den 360 x 2
  • 100% Polyester core spun
  • 100m  spools
  • 50  plain colors
wash and care
Needles When embroidering with AEROFIL  threads, we recommend that you use a the special MADEIRA Quilting Titanium Quality Needle size 80 # 12 .
Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.

Additional information


8000:Black, 8010:Super white, 8020:Off White, 8100:Gray, 8220:Pale Yellow, 8229:Yellow, 8380:Red, 8401:Gray, 8420:Navy Blue, 8460:Gray, 8500:Green, 8541:Dark Tan, 8550:Dark Yellow, 8600:Gray, 8614:Gray, 8638:Burgundy, 8647:Sea Foam Green, 8651:Orange, 8652:Pale Orange, 8664:Dark Olive, 8670:Deep Mustard, 8678:Bright Orange, 8700:Mustard Yellow, 8704:Dark Pine, 8750:Blue, 8811:Burgundy, 8820:Cream, 8821:Cream, 8822:Dark Cream, 8934:Cobalt Blue, 8938:Tan Gray, 8995:Green, 9055:Dark Gray, 9110:Dark Plumb, 9140:Navy Blue, 9150:Light Pink, 9160:Pink, 9270:Gray, 9275:Dark Pink, 9290:Brown, 9320:Light Blue, 9360:Yellow, 9470:Red, 9562:Green, 9660:Blue, 9735:Brown, 9854:Lily Pink, 9885:Dark Tan Clay, 9922:Bold Purple, 9941:Plum, 9984:Fuchsia



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