Aerofil No. 120, 400m

  • Washing and Care Instructions

      Don’t compromise your quest for a top quality branded sewing thread on price. With AEROFIL No. 120, you are assured of high quality at best prices. Made from 2 ply premium Polyester core twist and manufactured to the highest quality standards including Oekotex environmental responsibility, AEROFIL provides excellent working abilities on all machines. Now is the time to look at your sewing thread collection. With the new 100m/ 110 yds make-up, the comprehensive range of AEROFIL is complete. AEROFIL Sew All thread on spools sizes of 400m / 440 yds and 1000m /1100 yds delights the dedicated hobby sewer, whereas the 100m / 110 yds make-up is perfect for small repairs. AEROFIL Extra Strong is of highest tensile strength for heavier fabrics.


      Technical Information

      • dtex 135 x 2
      • den 120 x 2
      • 100% Polyester core spun
      • 400m / 440yds spools
      • 180  plain colors

      wash and care



      When embroidering with AURIFIL  threads, we recommend that you use a the special MADEIRA Quilting Titanium Quality Needle size 80 # 12 .


      Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.