/50cm width Tear Away White Cotton Soft Stabilizer

50cm width Tear Away White Cotton Soft Stabilizer

  • Non-woven with smooth finish and soft feel. The Choice of professional embroiderers

    Cotton Soft White Stabilizer, an excellent all-purpose product, soft and gentle to the touch, yet strong and rigid enough for hooping and stitching. It will not stretch or distort stitches and tears away with the greatest of ease, leaving a super-clean edge. The natural cotton fibers make it environmentally friendly and extremely comfortable against the skin, particularly good for baby and children’s clothes heirloom sewing, quilting and paper-piecing.

    Ideal for: Machine embroidery, appliqué , buttonholes, monogramming, decorative embroidery, cut-work.

    50cm x 10m, non-woven with a smooth finish and soft feel, available in white and black.

    Special Value!

    We recommend using the ANTI-GLUE Embroidery needles with these products (Art. No. 9456)

  • Washing and Care Instructions


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