Lana and Cotona Treasure Chest


Special value of LANA and COTONA Combination chest! LANA is a special embroidery thread with the characteristics and appearance of pure wool adding warmth and dimension to decorative stitching on all home sewing and embroidery machines.
A unique wool embroidery thread, strong enough for use on medium to heavyweight fabrics such as wool, linen and lightweight denim. It is particularly suitable for computerized embroidery, overlocking, quilting, bobbin work, free motion embroidery, couching, hand embroidery and cross stitch. A great value, as this chest includes 140 200m Spools!

The Chest Contains:
•  80 x Lana 200 m spools
•  60 x Cotona No. 30 200 m spools
•  10 x Metallic No. 40 200 m spools
•  4 x Bobbinfil 1500 m spools
• Needles and Design CD

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LANA No. 12, Wool embroidery thread, is perfect for creating soft, fluffy or textured designs, such as animal fur. LANA is ideal for use on medium and heavyweight fabrics such as wool, linen, and light weight denim. Use on your overlocker, your regular sewing machine, freehand embroidery hand embroidery, machine embroidered cross stitch designs and computerized embroidery. Always use the MADEIRA Lana needle, size 110/18 and stabilize and hoop fabric with MADEIRA stabilizers, the choice of professional embroiderers. MADEIRA bobbin threads Bobbinfil No. 70 and the pre-wound Bobbins No. 150 guarantee best stitch results. Once LANA has been stitched, the MADEIRA Lana brush can be used to create the lovely soft, fluffy texture required. For use on your embroidery machine some adjustments need to be made before stitching because LANA is a thicker thread. Stitch length should be long, stitches should not be densely packed together, and the design should have some underlay or padding stitches to cover the base fabric and raise the surface a little. Most machines allow resizing up to 20% larger without increasing stitch count. If you own digitizing software any design can be adjusted to use LANA threads. Either increase size of the design without changing stitch count, or reduce stitch count to keep size of design .
Lana and Cotona 30 Multicolor Combinations: alternating harmonized colors
LANA and COTONA Multicolor are suitable for all household sewing and embroidery machines. When working with Lana, take care to follow the special machine instructions, which are available from your sewing machine dealer.
Technical Information
Lana Thread
  • 50% Wool, 50% Acryl
  • dtex 330 x 2
  • den 300 x 2
Cotona Thread
  • 100% mercerized Cotton
  • dtex 180 x 2
  • den 32 x 2
Chest Measurements: 140 x 365 x 360 mm (H x W x D)
wash and care Chest Dimensions: 140 x 365 x 360mm (H x W x D)
Needles Wool Lana, 110 #18
Bobbinfil Bobbinfil No. 70: bobbin thread is the choice of professionals in the production of better machine sewing and embroidery. The quality has been specifically developed for optimal use on high speed computerized embroidery machines. The weight of Bobbinfil is now finer compared to other bobbin threads for best embroidery results and twice as much can be wound onto the bobbin of the machine.


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