MADEIRA Glamour Thread

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  MADEIRA Glamour is a heavy-weight metallic thread. Essentially it has a polyester main thread, twined with two strands of a metallic thread. This is a beautiful thread with a lot of presence and sparkle. (Glamour No. 8: Art. No. 9804; Glamour No. 12: Art No.9806)
The obvious use of this thread is for machine embroidery, but since my personal interest is in quilting, I will demonstrate here how I use it for raw-edge machine appliqué.
Raw Edge Machine Appliqué
Due to its thickness (No. 12), Glamour is effective in a single buttonhole stitch and has even more spunk in a multi-pass buttonhole stitch. Another option is to use satin stitch.
Thread Color
For design purposes, it is important to notice the color of the main thread and the color of the metallic strands.
To simplify the explanations, I use the following notation: If the thread has a black main thread with a gold metallic, I call it black/gold. If it has a white main thread with a silver metallic, I call it white/silver. If it has an orange main thread with gold and red metallic, I call it orange/gold+red When choosing the thread, I always consider the color of my appliqué fabric:
  • Matching color, just adding some sparkle – matching the color of the main thread to the appliqué. For example, red/yellow appliqué with orange/gold thread (this sample shows Glamour No. 12, color No. 3026: Peach).
  • Matching main thread color to the background and metallic color to the appliqué. For example, red appliqué on black background with black/red thread (this sample shows Glamour No. 12, color No. 3115: Dark Red).
  • Contrasting color – contrasting the color of the thread to the appliqué. E.g., red appliqué with green/gold thread (this sample shows Glamour No. 12, color No. 3257: Avocado).
Practical Tips
Use 100 #16 topstitch or the special MADEIRA Metallic needles. (Art No.9451)
Use a stabilizer. MADEIRA Cotton Soft tear-away stabilizer (Art. 9436) was used in all my samples.
Use a thin bobbin thread – I use the bobbin-fill thread by MADEIRA.
Reduce the top tension. I cannot provide specific recommendations as it is very particular to the brand and condition of your machine. Do test and find the tension that is best for you.
Sew slowly! This thread is temperamental and at high machine speeds the metallic thread may break. Always keep an eye on the thread near the needle – if you don’t see the metallic sparkle – you might be sewing with the solid polyester thread only.
When you stop to cut thread, I recommend cutting off the last 10 cm of the top thread – due to the way a sewing machine works, this section has already gone back and forth through the needle several times and might be weakened.

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