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You are probably a big fan of embroidery, so you probably understand how good it feels to find a brand new pattern to try out. Starting a new project is a lot of fun. Selecting a new embroidery thread is not an easy task. If you find something you like, a brand that you feel comfortable with, you don’t want to switch it just because of a new pattern.

Embroidery thread conversion chart can help you convert your thread color so that you can use the patterns you find with your favorite brands of threads to use for your embroidery.

Embroidery thread conversion chart
Embroidery thread

Embroidery thread conversion chart – basics

It happens quite often. You would find a wonderful embroidery pattern but oops – the threads do not match. You use a whole different brand and you need an embroidery thread conversion chart! Perhaps the measurement is for a whole different sewing machine. Or the threads are a different brand! Everything may vary from one manufacturer to another.

A good embroidery thread conversion chart can help you select the correct color from many different ones – even if the company who sold you a pattern is different from the company from which you want to purchase the threads.

It is not an easy task finding the right embroidery thread conversion chart, especially when embroidery is new to you.

We will try to help you, and will give you full details of the types of machine embroidery thread conversion chart and information about how to find the chart you need.

Charts by manufacturer

You are in luck, because many manufacturers of threads or other embroidery tools want to supply their customers with helpful information such as embroidery thread conversion chart. They include these charts in their websites. When there is no embroidery thread conversion chart available, many of the manufacturers list a lot of information about the thread color so that the consumer could compare the thread even if they do not have an embroidery thread conversion chart.

  • Robison -Anton: this website has a color list and an embroidery thread conversion chart.
  • Brother USA: this website has a color chart, a thread, a picture, a number and a description.
  • Sylko: this website has a thread conversion chart.

Thread conversion charts

What is so great about web communities, is people with similar interests to you enjoy sharing with you their search results. These are sites where different people put together different embroidery thread conversion chart results of different brand threads of embroidery :


  • Embroidery Thread Database.
  • Fiber Image – it is a website which has a chart that converts threads by DMC, Madeira, Anchor, and more.
  • Needle pointer – it is a website where you can find a lot of embroidery thread conversion chart. It is very recommended. It includes conversion for thread like Sulky, Brother, Sylko, Baby Lock, Madeira and Isacord.


Most of the manufacturer brands have information online about their color and usually also swatches including numbers. You should usually avoid relying on colors you see on the screen, but it can give you a general idea of the color you are going to be using.

If you come across a new pattern of embroidery, sometimes, or actually usually you do not want to use the specific type of thread they specify for the pattern. Actually, everyone has their favorite type of brand they like using with their patterns for each project, like, for example, Madeira.

So if you stumble upon an amazing pattern you feel like you just need to try out, but the colors are just not right. You should use one of the embroidery thread conversion chart. It is pretty easy to use them and they get you exactly what you need.

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