/Reflect Embroidery Thread

Reflect Embroidery Thread

  • A yarn that reflects light and thus protects and warns in the dark. Reflective embroidery and decorative seams on children's clothing or high-visibility vests offer extra protection, as they shine in the dark when, for example, car headlights are illuminated.
    Suitable for all sewing, embroidery and overlock machines.

  • Product Details

    • Weight: N/A, Similar to No. 40
    • Art Number: 9667
    • Uses: Reflect light thread
    • Material: 75% Polyester, 25% polyamide
    • Length: 100m
    • Colors: 1
    • Needle: Metallic No. 90#14
    • Bobbinfil: No. 70
    • Stabilizers: Per Fabric used
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