/Lana Brush

Lana Brush

  • The MADEIRA Lana Brush gives your designs embroidered with MADEIRA Lana Wool embroidery thread a lovely soft, fluffy appearance. If your LANA designs is stitched with long, loose stitches, use the Soft Brush and brush gently and slowly. Use the Hard Brush for smaller, tighter stitches, and brush more vigorously.

  • Washing and Care Instructions

      Use the Lana Brush to create the unique and remarkable Lana effect by gently brushing the design with the MADEIRA Lana brush. Ideal for designs of soft, fluffy and hairy texture, such as animal fur. The Lana Brush will enhance the lovely soft, fluffy texture of Lana wool embroidery thread by simply brushing the surface of the design.