AeroQuilt Value Pack


Get the look and feel of fine cotton with the strength of polyester. AeroQuilt is a top quality corespun threat which is 30-40% stronger than a spun polyester thread and same size.
AeroQuilt has the cotton finish quilters love, plus the strength to stand up to high speed longarm machines.

With AeroQuilt you obtain neat and long lasting seams. It guarantees longevity even if the seam is frequently washed and heavily strained. AeroQuilt is sturdy and works perfectly on all sewing machines. sergers and quilting machines, including long-arm.

The box includes 8 spools of 3000m each.

A great value!



Premium all purpose and quilting thread. Core spun: Cotton finish, strong and resistant thread.
Technical Information
AeroQuilt 40
    • 100% Polyester core spun
    • 8 x 3000 yds cones
    • Colors: Black (No. 8000), White (No. 8010), Ecru (No. 8020), Grey (No. 8100) Dark Grey (No. 9720), Light Brown (No. 8550); Mustard (No. 8700), Dark Ecru (No. 8821)
Recommended Needles: 80#120
wash and care
Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.


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