Rayon fabric is the oldest manufactured fabric, dating back to the 1880s in France. Rayon comes from a natural fabric, made from cellulose from wood pulp. Because of the relative ease in producing the fabric, it is affordable, soft and diverse.

It is often referred to as an affordable alternative to the more expensive silk fabric. It is not only soft but versatile, being used for an assortment of clothes and household fabrics. Its strength and affordability are often prized, as its used for durable fabrics such as towels and lightweight fabrics such as summer clothing. But the fabric is water repellent and the production of the fabric has a detrimental effect on environmental pollution.

Rayon – Features

Even though rayon fabric is often used to create soft, lightweight clothing, the fabric itself repels water. This often causes discomfort and irritation in the individual wearing the fabric. Sweat often accumulates and the fabric does not offer a means to let the water evaporate.

This trait is often common in synthetic fabrics. Also, when the fabric is washed, it can shrink. Rayon can also be damaged by exposure to acidic chemicals, mildew and heat. However, this can be remedied by the blending of certain chemicals when manufacturing the fabric.


During the process of making the fabric, the materials that are used have an effect on environmental pollution. First, the materials of the fabric are made from wood pulp. The cellulose is then drenched in caustic soda. The cellulose then becomes a substance called white crumb. After oxidization is complete, it is combined with a chemical called carbon disulfide, eventually becoming yellow crumb.

The solution is eventually press through a spinner, which is when the threads happen. This entire process has a negative effect on environmental pollution because of the use of chemicals against Earth’s natural resources.

conclusions about rayon

In conclusion, rayon fabric is a very soft, affordable option in the fabric industry. Its versatility suggests that the fabric has many different uses. It cannot be exposed to acid, mildew and heat but special care during the manufacturing process can circumvent this problem.

The fabric can cause irritation in the wearer if exposed to water, such as discomfort and increased sweat, and it can also shrink. But still, rayon fabric is an affordable option to the more expensive silk fabric and one that many people choose for its versatility.



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