/Wash-Away Basting Thread

Wash-Away Basting Thread

  • Wash-Away water soluble basting thread helps you avoid the frustration of removing basting stitches because it disappears with water or steam from an iron or damp press. It is a time saver for all kinds of basting, including basting zippers, hems, gathers, pleats, set-in sleeves, positioning pockets, fitting and quilting and appliqué.
    Important: Wash-Away dissolves in water, but not in dry cleaning solution. Store in a dry place such as a zip-lock bag or plastic wrap. Do not handle with wet hands.

    Important notes

    Dissolves in water but not in dry cleaning solution.
    Must be stored in a dry place, such as a zip lock bag.
    It is recommended to try the Wash-away thread on a piece of fabric before you start your work.

  • Product Details

    • Weight: N/A, Similar to No. 40
    • Art Number: 9661
    • Uses: Sewing and Basting
    • Material: 100% Polyvinyl Alcohol
    • Length: 200m
    • Colors: white
    • Needle: Universal No. 75 or No. 80
    • Bobbinfil: No. 70
    • Stabilizers: N/A
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