/Wash Away Avalon Ultra Stabilizer (9441)

Wash Away Avalon Ultra Stabilizer (9441)

  • Water-soluble stabilizer; Extremely firm and stable film. Allows the most detailed embroidery without tearing

    Avalon Ultra is ideal for hoop-less embroidery or any project where added support or firmer working foundations is necessary.

    Can be stitched intensely without tearing.

    Ideal for:
    * Topping, pattern guide, backing stabilizer
    * large size projects without hoop
    * Thread sketching
    * Lace work and spun lace
    * Quilt patterns
    * Sandwich technique

  • Product Details

    • Uses: Extremely stable, water soluble film
    • Length: 30cm x 3 m

    Instructions for use

    Washing and Care Instructions


    Example of Embroidery

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