Heavy Metal, 12 colors, 5m Value Packs

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Metallic Threads Creativity and special effects starts with Metallic Threads.
Strong enough to use on soft furnishings, for decorative seams and all other kinds of sewing and quilting. The thread always runs smoothly even on high speed machines. Choose from four exclusive finishes. With a revolutionary process that bonds a shimmery foil wrap to a thread core, MADEIRA has created metallic thread that is the sturdiest you can buy. This precision German engineering makes MADEIRA metallics durable enough for all purposes.



MADEIRA Hand Thread Value Packs Metallics: Six colors of Metallic No. 40 in each of two styles. The fine quality of Blending Filament allows you to create elements of subtle light reflection. The rich metallic color of Cord brings definition to designs. 12 colors, 33 yd/30 m. Heavy Metal: The most abrasion resistant metallic thread MADEIRA makes. It’s wonderful for all types of needle arts and crafts, and is especially good for garments. Very durable, Heavy Metal can be bleached and washed at the highest temperatures and will still retain its vibrant shine. 6 colors, 33 yd/30 m. Holographic: Eye-catching Holographic Reflective thread is strong enough to stitch alone or to use in combination with other fibers. It creates stunning sparkle effects. 6 colors, 33 yd/30 m. Carat: This versatile flat braid makes a lovely embellishment for garments, home dec, crafts and more. It bends and twists without buckling, and can be sewn or glued to your project. 6 colors, 5.5 yd/5 m. Metallic: The slight twist and subtle sheen of Metallic No. 10 will add glitz to all your needle art projects. An excellent enhancement, it is very popular for special accents and highlighting. 12 colors, 5.5 yd/5 m.


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