/NEW: Sensa GREEN Smart Box

NEW: Sensa GREEN Smart Box

  • Yarn box of 18 Spools of 1000m each
    * Includes printed flyer color chart and needles
    * The first quilting and embroidery thread made from 100% lyocell and wood
    * Feel how sensationally soft this yarn is!
    * Lyocell fibers are fully biodegradable
    * The wood for the lyocell fibers comes from sustainable, legally managed and certified forests
    * Sensa Green is certified free of harmful substances and is one of the world's most sustainable yarns
    * The thread is slightly finer than other 40 gauge threads, making it ideal for detail and monogram embroidery
    * Suitable for all household sewing and embroidery machines
    * The colors included in the box section are: 147, Cherry; 032, Tomato; 120 Baby pink; 243, Deep Sea; 134, Royal Blue; 075, Aqua; 078, Sunset; 024, Grapefruit; 023, Lemon; 370, Forest Green; 051, Golf Green; 248, Sensa Green; 145, Chocolate; 055, Sand; 149, Ivory; 100, Black; 041, Carbon; 101 White.

    Great Value!

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