RHEINGOLD Heavy Metal No. 30, 3000m, No. 6021

  • Slightly thicker than Soft Metallic No. 40, this 30 weight metallic embroidery thread produces embroidery designs of rich and genuine metallic look. Its exclusive twist construction and double-layer protection makes it the most abrasion resistant metallic thread in the industry.

    A true specialty thread developed for outdoor exposure, denim-wash, chlorine and bleaching, plus harsh laundering at temperatures up to 95 degrees. Ideal for corporate designs and company emblems, on denim, leather, canvas, sporting goods and hotel and catering industry wares, particularly where fastness and durability are essential.

  • Product Details

    • Weight: Dtex 320; Den 290
    • Art Number: 983
    • Uses: Machine Embroidery Thread
    • Material: 50% Polyester, 50% metallis. Polyester
    • Length: 3000m Snap Cones
    • Colors: 14 colors
    • Needle: special MADEIRA metallic needle
    • Bobbinfil: Aerofil No. 120 and/or BOBBINS No.150 (Art. No. 9766), pre-wound bobbin thread by MADEIRA makes bobbin winding unnecessary. Insert into the bobbin case, thread as normal and sew. Also Available in 500m Spools and 1500m spools .
    • Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.

    Color Card Catalog

    Washing and Care Instructions


    Example of Embroidery

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