/RHEINGOLD Glamour Metallic No. 40, 1000m, No. 3301

RHEINGOLD Glamour Metallic No. 40, 1000m, No. 3301

  • Glamour Metallic is the world's most famous fashionable metallised machine embroidery thread. The beautiful reflection of this special effect thread is the result of a lavish three times twisting process to give designs a unique textured effect and dimension. Its strong nylon core and genuine metallic base enhance both its sew-ability and precious appearance on everything from fine silk to heavy denim.

  • Product Details

    • Weight: Dtex 180; Den 160
    • Art Number: 985
    • Uses: Machine Embroidery Thread
    • Material: 70% Polyamid, 40% metallis. Polyester
    • Length: 1000m Snap Cones
    • Colors: 30 colors
    • Needle: special MADEIRA metallic needle
    • Bobbinfil: Aerofil No. 120 and/or BOBBINS No.150 (Art. No. 9766), pre-wound bobbin thread by MADEIRA makes bobbin winding unnecessary. Insert into the bobbin case, thread as normal and sew. Also Available in 500m Spools and 1500m spools .
    • Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.

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    Example of Embroidery

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