/Rayon No. 40, 1000m, Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

Rayon No. 40, 1000m, Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

  • RAYON No.40 is the perfect thread for enthusiastic machine embroiderers. The silky lustre, high tensile strength and exceptional color fastness of this top quality thread give a consistent appearance which will not fade to all embroidery, and make it ideal for stitching on today’s sophisticated computerized machines. RAYON No. 40 Rich vibrant and color-fast colors with an unmatched consistency throughout the two sizes of spools available.

    Tip: typical embroidery design contains 6,000 stitches. This means each 1100 yard/1000 m Value Spool with its nearly 200,000 stitches per spool will produce 200 designs on average.MADEIRA’s more traditional spool shape eliminates the “drop off” and tangling problems associated with the elongated spools many other manufacturers use. And, all MADEIRA spools come with double locking end caps to keep thread neat and tidy.

    Box includes:
    * 40 x 1000m Rayon No. 40 spools
    * 2 x 1500m Bobbinfil No. 70
    * 1 CD with 82 designs
    * 1 x Universal needles

    Great Value!

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