/Prewound Bobbin Box No.150, 120m, Black

Prewound Bobbin Box No.150, 120m, Black

  • Bobbinfil thread is the choice of professionals when they want the best of machine sewing and embroidery, because the thread’s quality has been especially developed for optimal use on high speed computerized embroidery machines, The thread is much finer than other bobbin threads so more can be wound onto the bobbin, and best embroidery results and guaranteed.
    Recommended thread to be used on all sewing and embroidery machines, made of continuous polyester filaments.
    The product was developed for optimal use on high speed computerized embroidery machines and reduces bulk, keeps your stitches flat, reduces lint build-up, and keeps your design pliable.
    Extremely strong, yet so fine you can get twice as much on your bobbin.
    MADEIRA bobbins are precision-wound with 131 yd/ 120 m of thread. Simply insert one into your bobbin case or top-loading bobbin holder, then thread as normal.

    With no sides and no cores, these bobbins work down to the last inch. Economical and convenient.
    Suitable for all machines designed with Class 15 bobbins
    Box contains 50 units

  • Product Details

    • Weight: No.70 — dtex 75 x 2
    • Art Number: 9766
    • Uses: Bobbin thread for machine embroidery
    • Material: 100% Continuous Filament Polyester
    • Length: 120m each
    • Colors: Black & White
    • Needle: According to the machine upper thread
    • Stabilizers: Per Fabric used

    Washing and Care Instructions

      wash and care

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