/Polyneon 400m Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

Polyneon 400m Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

  • POLYNEON is perfect for machine embroidery and decorative quilting. Adds a radiant burst of color to sports and active wear, towels, linens, quilts, and children's clothes. POLYNEON colors are 100% colorfast and remain brilliant even after repeated exposure to sunlight, chlorine and washing and add a radiant burst of color to sports and active wear. The durability and strength of this 2 ply 100% Polyester filament thread allows it to resist abrasion and eliminate breaks during high speed embroidery.

    MADEIRA POLYNEON Stunning and ever changing colors throughout the spool develop very impressive pictures on impressive embroidery.

    The Multicolor effect is manufactured with a complex coloring technology and provides a fascinating astonishing color play within the same spool.

    Box includes:
    * 70 x 400m Pllyneon No. 40 Spools
    * 10 x 200m Polyneon No. 40 Multi Color
    * 2 x 1000m Bobbinfil No. 60
    * 1 CD with 82 designs
    * 1 x universal needles

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