Polyneon No. 40 Fluorescent Colors


POLYNEON fabulous 10 fluorescent colors, made for striking neon embroidery even highly visible in daylight. At dawn or when the weather is bad, embroideries made with POLYNEON fluorescent colors have extremely high visibility. Ultra violet light, like in bars and discotheques highlight POLYNEON remarkable fluorescent effect.

Note: The picture graphics color reflects the color appearance in your computer and is for reference only.



POLYNEON is your first choice when you need a resistant thread for embroideries on frequently washed textiles. A strong thread perfect for machine embroidery, quilting, decorative stitching and appliqué. POLYNEON colors is 100% colorfast and remain brilliant even after repeated exposure to sunlight, chlorine and washing and add a radiant burst of color to sports and active wear. The durability and strength of this 2 ply 100% Polyester filament thread allows it to resist abrasion and eliminate breaks during high speed embroidery. POLYNEON colors spools are 400m/440yds which is double the thread of our standard Smart Spool. A typical embroidery design contains 6,000 stitches. This means each Perfect Spool with its 80,000 stitches per spool will produce 80 designs on average. MADEIRA’s more traditional spool shape eliminates the “drop off” and tangling problems associated with the elongated spools many other manufacturers use. And, all Madeira spools come with double locking end caps to keep thread neat and tidy. Technical information
  • 100% Polyester filament
  • 135 dtex x 2
  • Den 120 x 2
  • 400m spools
  • 10 Fluorescent colors
wash and care Needles We recommend using the MADEIRA #75/11 Universal Needle . Bobbins and Bobbinfil Bobbinfil No.60 was specifically developed for Polyneon. It is a filament bobbin thread that guarantees outstanding embroidery results without fiber abrasion in the bobbin case. The MADEIRA pre-wound bobbin makes bobbin winding unnecessary. Insert into the bobbin case, thread as normal and sew. Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.


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