/Frosted MATT Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

Frosted MATT Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

  • Frosted MATT No. 40 is the world's first truly matt and light-fast embroidery thread brings a new sensation to the perception of colors and new highs to light fastness. Due to the unique construction and special finish, this embroidery thread intensively reflects the true colors. Frosted Matt is produced using exclusive dying methods resulting in an unmatched overall rating to light fastness. Colors remain and don’t fade easily, as others do.

    The Box Includes:
    * 40 x 500m Frosted Matt No 40 spools
    * 2 x 1000m Bobbinfil No. 60
    * 1 Universal needles


  • Product Details

    • Weight: dtex 90x2; den 80x2
    • Art Number: 8088
    • Uses: Machine Embroidery thread
    • Material: 4% Ceramic 96% Polyester
    • Length: 500m Snap Spool
    • Colors: 18 Colors. See color numbers below, in the layout of colors included in the box section
    • Needle: MADEIRA Universal needle, size 75/11 and/or MADEIRA Universal needle, size 75/11, or MADEIRA Universal 80/12
    • Bobbinfil: BOBBINS No.150 (Art. No. 9766), pre-wound bobbin thread by MADEIRA makes bobbin winding unnecessary. Insert into the bobbin case, thread as normal and sew. Also Available in 500m Spools and 1500m spools
    • Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern

    Color Card Catalogue

    Washing and Care Instructions


    Example of Embroidery