NEW: Decora No. 12 Smartbox


Smarbox with the 18 spools of the new MADEIRA’s DECORA No. 12.

The box contains:

    • 18 x 300 m Decora No. 12 Spools
    • 1 x   Needles


Decora No. 12 brings an unusual texture to your designs. It is made of 100% high quality viscose and is perfect for shining decorative stitching and overlocking seams, for quilting and embroideries with an unique finish. Decora No. 12 runs on all sewing overlocking, and embroidery machines.
Technical information
    • 100% Viscose Filament
    • dtex 330×2
    • den 300×2
    • 300m spool
Do not tumble dry unless the item has been thoroughly rinsed. Never leave damp embroidered items folded or pressed together. Iron on the reverse side or place the item between two cloths. Remove stains only with solvents that do not contain bleaching or discoloring agents. Wash embroidered items immediately after using any stain remover.
The recommended Bobbinfil for Frosted MATT is Bobbinfil No. 60. (Art. No. 9970), the choice of professionals in the production of better machine sewing and embroidery. The weight of Bobbinfil is finer compared to other bobbin threads for best embroidery results and twice as much can be wound onto the bobbin of the machine.
We recommend the use of our MADEIRA Needles 100/16  (Art. No. 9450) or 110/18


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