/NEW: Decora No. 12 SmartBox

NEW: Decora No. 12 SmartBox

  • DECORA No. 12 brings an unusual texture to your designs. It is made of 100% high quality viscose and is perfect for shining decorative stitching and overlocking seams, for quilting and embroideries with an unique finish.

    DECORA No. 12 is a voluminous and silky shiny thread made of viscose, great for decorative seams, overlock, bobbin work and three-dimensional embroidery.

    DECORA No. 12 runs on all sewing overlocking, and embroidery machines.

    The box contains
    * Set of 18 x 300 m spools Decora 12 - 10 Plain colors and 8 multicolor spools
    * Machine needles
    See color numbers below, in the layout of colors included in the box section

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