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/Mouliné Metallic Perlé No.10, 20m, No. 311

Mouliné Metallic Perlé No.10, 20m, No. 311

  • MADEIRA's special effect Metallic Perle No. 10 thread is perfect for hand embroidery onto all styles of materials from Aida, evenweave, plastic or fancy canvas and amazing for crochet or knitting or for creating decorations, ornaments or jewellery.

    All Mouliné colors come in MADEIRA’s unique Spiral Pak wasting floss (25% on average). With the MADEIRA spiral pack and Thread Tidy. MADEIRA’s method of packaging keeps the thread clean at all times. No knots or tangles when opening the pack. No wasted thread, every inch can be used. Color number retained until all thread has been used for ease of reference and reordering the MADEIRA Thread. Tidy keeps your MADEIRA floss organized while you save space. Use for color matching.

    With the MADEIRA spiral pack, you always pull your floss out the right way, so you can thread it correctly and stitch the right way every time you pick up your embroidery project. Plus, the spiral pack keeps your floss clean, new and tangle- free until you use it, even in the bottom of the sewing basket. You waste 25% less and use more of the rest.

    Advantages of the spiral pack MADEIRA: Mouliné six strand embroidery floss is produced from the best Egyptian cotton. This finest of all cottons is carefully wound into spirals and placed in a smart protective blister pack which, unlike a traditional skein, keeps the MADEIRA Mouliné tangle free and dust free at all times. There's no waste and you'll have no loose ends - every inch can be used, and the thread remains clean and safe in its attractive.

    For best results embroideries stitched with MADEIRA Mouliné should be washed using a mild detergent containing no optical brighteners or bleach. Machine washing is possible up to 600C. Hand wash, if necessary, in hot or very warm water only and rinse the embroidery thoroughly until your water runs clear. Do not wash in cold or tepid water. Embroideries are best flat to dry so that they retain their shape. Gently spin-dry only in a garment bag. Do not tumble-dry. Make sure that you also follow the care instructions of the fabric manufacturer.

  • Product Details

    • Weight: Dtex 1200; Den 1080
    • Art Number: 9810
    • Uses: Hand embroidery thread
    • Material: 40% Metallis Polyester, 60% Viscose
    • Length: 20m Spiral Pack
    • Colors: 24 Colors
    • Needle: NA
    • Bobbinfil: NA
    • Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.

    Color Card Catalouge

    Washing and Care Instructions


    Example of Embroidery

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