/Monolon Transparent Sewing Thread

Monolon Transparent Sewing Thread

  • Monolon is a fine transparent nylon thread, simply perfect for a variety of applications including invisible sewing, machine appliqué and hemming. Excellent for invisible sewing on ribbon, lace or decorative threads. Use for applications requiring blind stitch and the transparent Monolon thread will blend into the fabric.

    Tips for using MONOLON Invisible thread

    Machine Applique: Especially for applications required blind stitch, the transparent MONOLON thread blends into the fabric, so perfect for hemming and Celtic motifs. Use for invisible machine applique and you have a hand look created on a machine.

    Quilting: MONOLON thread is excellent for machine quilting where you don't want a colour to detract from the design, or use to 'stitch in the ditch' to stabilize the quilt while you work with more exciting threads, MONOLON will always match the color of your fabric!

    Decorative tip-stitching: Put MONOLON in the needle when using thicker threads in the bobbin and the top stitches will not show. Work upside down on the fabric, so MONOLON holds the heavy weight on the fabric, as if by magic.

    Invisible Couching: For couching heavy threads, ribbon and lace use MONOLON invisible thread in the needle and AEROFIL sewing thread in the bobbin. AEROFIL in the bobbin will stabilize and the flexible MONOFIL in the needle will be invisible in the surface.

    MONOLON is strong and transparent, perfect for invisible securing beads and sequins.
    See also MONOFIL Sewing Thread, Available in Clear and Smoke Colors, Product No. 9760, 9761, 9762 and 9763

  • Product Details

    • Weight: N/A, Similar to No. 40
    • Art Number: 9664
    • Uses: Invisible Sewing and Quilting
    • Material: 100% Polyeamid
    • Length: 500m
    • Colors: Transparent white and black (smoky)
    • Needle: Universal No. 75 / Universal No. 80
    • Bobbinfil: No. 70 or Aerofil Thread
    • Stabilizers: Per Fabric used

    Washing and Care Instructions

      wash and care

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