Temporary Adhesive Spray, MSA 1100


Special Adhesive spray, ideal for Embroidery, Sewing, Upholstery and Garment.

  • Odorless, colorless, stainless, spotless temporary adhesive
  • For sewing, applique, quilting, craft, and any project where you need a temporary adhesive
  • For embroidery: basting your project to stabilizer (always spray stabilizer/not project)
  • For quilting: baste quilt top to batting (always spray batting/not quilt top)
  • Craft and applique: fabric to fabric
  • Craft: fabric to paper

Instruction for usage:

  • Work on a protected surface, press sprayed surface firmly in position while adhesive is tacky
  • Provide adequate ventilation
  • Shake can before using
  • Spray at a distance of approximately 20cm.
  • Spray quickly on one side only
  • The other material can be affixed immediately or withing one hour
  • The adhesive will disappear within 2-5 days without leaving any stains
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