Hot Seal Iron

  • MADEIRA's HOT SEAL , Sold by the Meter.
    Product Features
    • Heat seal will cover stitching on the reverse of an embroidery, so improves wearer’s comfort.
    • Heat Seal heat press adheres embroidery even at washing temperatures of 95°C.
    • The adhesive force of Heat Seal will be re-activated each time it is ironed.
    • In general, optimum adhesion is achieved with this Heat Seal using a heat press. T-shirts containing a minimum 95% cotton may be suitable for Heat Seal application by iron.
    Please note that the adhesive foil and the release paper only adhere to each other by means of a vacuum. Unrolling, cutting and folding can cause the foil to slightly loosen from the paper.

    Application recommendations
    * Heat seal adheres to most fabrics but fabrics made from or containing cotton will have the best results.
    * Due to the extremely large range of fabrics and finishing it is essential to run tests before production concerning operating temperature and adhesive results.
    * Fabrics with special finishing or coating should be ironed once before application.
    * To protect the embroidery and the fabric/garment, we strongly recommend placing a separate cloth under the main embroidery face.
    * Heat Seal achieves its full adhesive force after 48 hours.

    Optimal processing
    To seal badges or emblems: Place reverse of embroidery on Heat Seal and bond lightly with pre-heated iron or heat press, using a cloth over the top of the embroidery where necessary, to avoid surplus adhesive on heat press or iron.


  • Product Details

    • Art Number: 9418
    • Uses: Adhesive film for emblems, appliques or similar
    • Material: 100% copolyamid + silicone release paper
    • Length: 20cm width, sold by the meter.

    Example of Embroidery

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