/Gold Hand Embroidery Threads Mini Treasure Chest

Gold Hand Embroidery Threads Mini Treasure Chest

  • Metallic thread brings shimmer and shine –and greater perceived value -- to your embroidery. MADEIRA’s Metallic Threads feature a strong textured polyester filament core with a metallized polyester foil wrap, promising uncompromised strength and durability. And with more metallic colors than anywhere else in the industry, MADEIRA’s Metallic will spark your imagination, as well as your design!

    Metallic is less pliable, therefore, tensions should be readjusted. A sample run is recommended on the production fabric before attempting to run the production order. Metallic thread will usually run as well as rayon, provided that tensions are looser than normal. Fabric type and weight, along with the execution of the design, will determine how loose or tight the tensions should be set.

    The design must be programmed correctly for metallic thread. It is essential that your puncher (software) is adjusted to the type and size of metallic thread, along with the fabric it will be stitched on. Consequently, stitch length and density must be adjusted accordingly.

    When stitching with metallic on any machine, make sure that your equipment is in excellent running condition. Also, the thread guides should be free of rough spots.

    When switching to metallic from another thread type, start with a new needle. The bobbin cases should also be checked and cleaned.

    This special Mini Chest includes the ultimate selection of Hand embroidery metallic threads: Metallic No. 6, No. 8, No. 20, No. 25, Spectra, Heavy Metal No. 20 and 20 Metallic Perle No. 10 Thread in blister packs.

    Chest Dimensions: 116 x 192 x 234mm (H x W x D), 2 drawers


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    • Art Number: 8115
    • Uses: Hand embroidery

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