Decora No. 6, 100m, No. 1598

  • The high quality rayon of DECORA brings an illustrious and silky brilliance to your embroideries, making your favorite colors shine intensively. By daylight, DECORA embroideries are immediately eye-catching, as the interplay of light and shadow transfers to the colors, transforming your design into a living artwork. Try the new multicolor shades and marvel at the stunning variety of embroidery possibilities. The effect comes automatically from the spiral package, without any need for changing the color. Any project designed for stranded cotton can be stitched with DECORA, thus producing a distinctive and unique masterpiece.

    Machine Embroidery Instructions: The Overlock Inspiration threads are not guided through the machine needle, but instead handled with the loopers of the overlock and coverlock machines, or from the reel in the case of sewing machines. For coverlock and machine decorative seams, the material is always embroidered from the left, as the machine produces the seam on the underside.

    Hint: For quilting & sewing, decorative seams & appliqué, fabulous effects can be achieved if you combine this thread with COTONA No.4 and GLAMOUR threads. Or marvel at the unique look if multicolor are machined together with the matching plain color. COTONA, DECORA and GLAMOUR are also tremendous hand embroidery threads.

    As a thicker thread, DECORA No. 6 does not pass through standard needles. Its sublime qualities shine on decorative overlock hems and the smooth running through the loopers of an overlocker, results in a silken and distinctive sheen. DECORA No.6 is perfect for Machine embroidery work. DECORA No. 6threads collection is THE choice for couching and all types of decorative stitching. The possibilities for creative expression and innovative designs are endless with the wonderful multicolor combinations of this thread performing magic on seams, hems and edges with exciting color changes within one shade of color. Any project designed for stranded cotton can be stitched with DECORA No. 6, thus producing a distinctive and unique masterpiece.

  • Product Details

    • Weight: dtex 2640; den 2400
    • Art Number: 9306
    • Uses: Hand Embroidery and Bobbin Work Machine Embroidery thread
    • Material: 100% Viscose Filament
    • Length: 100m SnapSpool
    • Colors: 10 plain and 10 variegated colors
    • Needle: N/A
    • Bobbinfil: Recommended using Aerofil No. 120 as upper thread for your bobbin work technique
    • Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern

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    Washing and Care Instructions


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    Example of Embroidery

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