Decora for Hand Embroidery, 5m


Hand Embroidery Viscose Precious needlework deserves the best! The high quality rayon of DECORA brings an illustrious and silky brilliance to your embroideries, making your favorite colors shine intensively.

Available in 80 Plain Colors and 10 Variegated Shades

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The high quality rayon of DECORA brings an illustrious and silky brilliance to your embroideries, making your favorite colors shine intensively. By daylight, Decora embroideries are immediately eye-catching, as the interplay of light and shadow transfers to the colors, transforming your design into a living artwork. Try the new multicolor shades and marvel at the stunning variety of embroidery possibilities. The effect comes automatically from the spiral package, without any need for changing the color. Any project designed for stranded cotton can be stitched with DECORA, thus producing a distinctive and unique masterpiece.
The thread is securely packed in the unique and smart MADEIRA blister pack against dust and dirt. No tangling, no more knots and no waste as seen with traditional skeins. The pack is very simple to use, snip to open at bottom and pull out as much thread as you need. Ready to hand – and always at your fingertips.
Spiral pack pulling Spiral Pack
Technical information
  • 5m (5.5 yds)
  • 4-ply hand embroidery thread
  • 100% brilliant viscose
  • dtex 330 x 2 x 4
  • den 300 x 2 x 4
  • 80 Plain Colors
  • 10 Variegated shades
wash and care
Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern. Click here

Additional information

Decora Hand

1400:Black, 1401:White, 1401:White_, 1410:Pale Silver, 1412:Silver, 1420:Peach, 1423:Yellow, 1425:Dark Goldenrod, 1426:Buttercut Yellow, 1431:Lavender, 1432:Light purple, 1433:Dark Purple, 1434:Burgundy, 1435:Burgundy, 1437:Red, 1439:Brick Red, 1439:Brick Red_, 1440:Gray, 1441:Gray, 1443:Dark Blue, 1444:Navy Blue, 1445:Aqua Blue, 1446:Blue, 1447:Sea Foam Green, 1448:Pale Green, 1449:Green, 1450:Green, 1451:Green, 1455:Light Tan, 1456:Brown, 1459:Golden Tan, 1466:Pale Yellow, 1470:Wheat Brown, 1471:Light Cream, 1475:Sky Blue, 1478:Orange, 1479:Green, 1480:Light Purple, 1482:Light Cream, 1484:Pale Tan, 1490:Dark Aqua Blue, 1495:Blue, 1496:Blue, 1501:Mint Green, 1503:Green, 1506:Gold Green, 1508:Pink, 1511:Light Purple, 1513:Pale Pink, 1513:Pale Pink_, 1513:Pale Pink__, 1514:Light Pink, 1517:Pink, 1520:Pale Pink, 1521:Purple, 1522:Purple, 1523:Pale Yellow, 1525:Yellow, 1526:Brown, 1528:Tan Gray, 1533:Sky Blue, 1534:Blue, 1540:Green, 1540:Green_, 1542:Cocoa Brown, 1543:Blue, 1544:Brown, 1547:Red, 1549:Golden Tan, 1553:Pale Blue, 1554:Pink, 1555:Light Orange, 1556:Olive Green, 1557:Olive Green, 1558:Brown, 1566:_Blue, 1566:Blue, 1570:Green, 1571:Goldenrod, 1574:Brown, 1575:Blue, 1578:Orange, 1580:Green, 1583:Fuchsia, 1585:Aqua Blue, 1585:Aqua Blue_, 1588:Dark Fuchsia, 1590:Soft Ice Variegated, 1591:Coral Fish Variegated, 1592:Savana Variegated, 1593:Blue Lagoon Variegated, 1594:Amazone Variegated, 1595:Cappuccino Variegated, 1596:Sunshine Variegated, 1597:Sunset Variegated, 1598:Petunia Variegated, 1599:Oyster Shell Variegated


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