/Cotona No.80, 18 Spools Thread Clear Box

Cotona No.80, 18 Spools Thread Clear Box

  • COTONA No. 80 is the world’s finest 100% Cotton embroidery and sewing thread widely used for Heirloom sewing and monogramming on ties and handkerchiefs.

    It is the best quality thread you can get for intricate creations and extremely fine sewing on delicate fabrics.

    COTONA No. 80 thread is ideal for detailed and delicate embroidery, and for particularly fine stitching on delicate fabrics and table linen. It is also used for Bobbin Lace work.

     Tip: Use the COTONA No. 80 as bobbin thread too for perfect color match.


  • Product Details

    • Weight: dtex 75 x 2;  Ne 80 x 2
    • Art Number: 8031
    • Uses: Machine Embroidery and sewing thread; Bobbin Lace
    • Material: 100% Mercerized Cotton, Not Bleached, 100% Natural
    • Length: 200m snap spools
    • Colors: ALL Cotona No. 80 Colors collection
    • Needle: MADEIRA Universal needle, size 75/11, or MADEIRA Universal 80/12
    • Bobbinfil: BOBBINS No.150 (Art. No. 9766), pre-wound bobbin thread by MADEIRA makes bobbin winding unnecessary. Insert into the bobbin case, thread as normal and sew. Also Available in 500m Spools and 1500m spools
    • Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern

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