/Cotona No. 50, 1000m, Mini Treasure Chest

Cotona No. 50, 1000m, Mini Treasure Chest

  • COTONA No. 50 is the perfect weight embroidery thread with a matt natural finish just perfect for large embroidery designs. Quilters love this natural fiber of very high tensile strength for piecing and machine quilting. Ideal for increasingly popular machine cross stitch and hardanger, strong enough for fringe and performs very well for couching, tassels and lace.

    Tip: Use the COTONA No. 50 as bobbin thread too for a perfect color match.

    Chest Dimensions: 116 x 192 x 234mm (H x W x D), 2 drawers

    Chest includes:
    * 30 spools of Cotona No. 50
    * 1 Cotona Color Card

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