Cotona No.30 Quilting Box

  • COTONA No. 30 is the perfect thread professionals choose for their home sewing and embroidery machine. Ideal for increasingly popular machine cross stitch and hardanger, strong enough for fringe and performs very well for couching, tassels and lace.

    The Box Contains:

    A Great Value!

    The Spools color numbers included in the box are: 590, 738, 585, 618, 744, 570, 511, 505, 605, 610, 588, 775, 575, 745, 506, 513, 611, 770, 769, 713, 633, 580, 508, 509, 512, 709, 771, 640, 711, 667, 581, 507, 510, 514, 621, 668, 642, 777, 661, 571, 735, 504, 674, 676, 687, 688,622, 760, 636, 779, 663, 573, 612, 736, 659, 677, 752, 729, 787, 604, 645, 780, 665, 680, 614, 792, 678, 669, 502, 500

    Note: The picture graphics color reflects the color appearance in your computer and is for reference only.


  • Washing and Care Instructions

      A very plush thread and therefore perfectly suited for large embroideries, decorative stitching and cross stitch designs. For machine applique as well as blanket and buttonhole stitches. Edges are particularly emphasized. Also recommended for quilting, if the yarn is used for emphasis; if at all possible stitch lengths should be quite long.
      The special finishing process of mercerizing the cotton thread imparts the noble character to COTONA and emphasizes the high quality of the precious natural product cotton. A smooth finish and perfect sew ability are distinguishing features of COTONA as well as its high tensile strength, consistent sheen and pleasant and comfortable wear ability.
      COTONA turns your textile creations into genuine and unique masterpieces. The gracious Egyptian raw material together with its production process brought to perfection, generates the extra special fine cotton thread COTONA which meet the highest demands, indispensable for naturally charming embroidery on table and bed linen, traditional costumes or fashion and home decoration, and is the perfect thread for quilting.
      These changing colors beautifully blend with the COTONA No.30 plain colors. The amazing variegated color combinations are built from at least one color found in the plain color of COTONA No.30, making mixing, matching, and blending colors simple.


      Tips: Lana and COTONA No. 30 Multicolor Combinations: alternating harmonized colors


      Technical Information

        • 100% Mercerized Cotton, Not Bleached, 100% Natural
        • 400m and 200m Spools
        • dtex 180 x 2
        • Ne 32 x 2

      wash and care



      When embroidering with COTONA threads, we recommend that you use a the special MADEIRA Quilting Titanium Quality Needle size 80 # 12 or the Universal 75 # 11 Needle .


      Bobbinfil The bobbin thread is the choice of professionals in the production of better machine sewing and embroidery. The quality has been specifically developed for optimal use on high speed computerized embroidery machines. The weight of Bobbinfil is now finer compared to other bobbin threads for best embroidery results and twice as much can be wound onto the bobbin of the machine.
      It is recommended to use with the COTONA the Bobbinfil No. 80: dtex 75×2; Ne 80×2, 1000m spool thread


      Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.

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