/Cotona No. 30, 200m & 400m, Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

Cotona No. 30, 200m & 400m, Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

  • COTONA No. 30 thread is ideal for fine machine quilting work, as well as for free hand quilting incorporating a large amount of double quilting lines (such as for feather patterns or dense backgrounds) - the quilting line stays thin, and the fabric soft. Stitching remains flat when doing patchwork. Also perfect for delicate machine applique stitches, including straight stitch, small zigzag stitch, blind hem stitch and buttonhole stitch. Ideal for fine, delicate embroidery and lace, for perfect embroidery work.

    Box includes:
    * 60 x 200m Cotona No. 30 plain colors
    * 10 x 400m Cotona Multicolor
    * 2 x 1000m Bobbinfil No. 80
    * 1 x quilting needles


  • Product Details

    • Weight: dtex 200 x 2;den 180 x 2
    • Art Number: 8054
    • Uses: Machine embroidery and quilting thread
    • Material: 100% Mercerized Cotton, Not Bleached. 100% Natural
    • Length: 200m and 400mSnap Spools
    • Colors: 60 plain and 10 multicolors
    • Needle: MADEIRA Universal needle, size 75/11 and/or MADEIRA Universal needle, size 75/11, or MADEIRA Universal 80/12
    • Bobbinfil: BOBBINS No.150 (Art. No. 9766), pre-wound bobbin thread by MADEIRA makes bobbin winding unnecessary. Insert into the bobbin case, thread as normal and sew. Also Available in 500m Spools and 1500m spools
    • Stabilizers: Recommended according to fabric and pattern.

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