/Carat Ribbon, 2mm width, No. 238

Carat Ribbon, 2mm width, No. 238

  • MADEIRA's Carat metallized ribbon braid is ןdeal to add bright, dazzling colors to crafts and holiday garments. Can be applied in a variety of ways: Glue it on or stitch it on by hand or machine (try Madeira transparent Monofil thread for this application).

    Other uses:
    * Add it to sweaters and other knitted items with duplicate stitching
    * Embellish ready-to-wear items or weave it into plastic canvas
    * Perfect to make jewelry

    Available in 15 colors in both 2mm and 4mm width

  • Product Details

    • Art Number: 9724
    • Material: 80% Polyester metallized, 20% Polyamid
    • Length: 5m card, 2 and 4 mm width
    • Colors: 30 colors
    • Needle: N/A
    • Bobbinfil: N/A
    • Stabilizers: N/A

    Color Card Catalouge

    Washing and Care Instructions




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