/Aerofil No.120, 1000m, Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

Aerofil No.120, 1000m, Handy Carrying Soft Travel Box

  • With AEROFIL, you are assured of high quality at best prices. Made from 2 ply premium Polyester core twist and manufactured to the highest quality standards including Oekotex environmental responsibility, Aerofil provides excellent working abilities on all machines.
    MADEIRA manufactures Aerofil No. 120 to the highest quality and environmental standards. It is Oekotex certified. The thread is extremely strong and even, and it works excellently on all Sewing, Overlock and Coverlock machines.
    Ideal Bobbin thread!

    Box Includes
    * 40 x 400m spools of Aerofil No. 120
    * 20 X 1000M Aerofil No. 120
    * 3 X 1000M Monofil Thread


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    Aerofil No. 120 Color Card Catalogue

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