The unique and outstanding characteristics of the top quality cotton embroidery thread COTONA are the result of the special choice of its raw material. MADEIRA utilized premium extra long staple 100 % Egyptian Giza cotton and manufacture it to a top class embroidery thread, using the most modern production processes.

The special finishing process of mercerizing the cotton thread imparts the noble character to COTONA and emphasizes the high quality of the precious natural product cotton. A smooth finish and perfect sewability are distinguishing features of COTONA as well as its high tensile strength, consistent sheen and pleasant and comfortable wearability.

COTONA turns thetextile creations into genuine and unique masterpieces. The gracious Egyptian raw material together with its production process brought to perfection, generates the extra special fine cotton thread COTONA which meet the highest demands, indispensable for naturally charming embroidery on table and bed linen, traditional costumes or fashion and home decoration, and is the perfect thread for quilting.

COTONA threads variations are: No. 80, the world’s finest embroidery thread; No. 50, ideal for quilting; No. 30, great for large embroidery designs — All made from 100% premium quality mercerize cotton, not bleached.

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