The high Quality Aerofi Sew All Thread (No. 120) is an excellent value for the best finish on fine to medium weight fabrics. Aerofil No. 120 guarantees optimum sewing properties and glides through fabrics, making production, even of children clothes, sports and workwear, easy and simple.

Aerofil is a reliable partner in sewing that keeps its promise. It has both elasticity and strength and, most importantly, it sews knot-free by machine or by hand.

Aerofil Extra Strong (No. 35) is the perfect heavy duty sewing thread for highly stressed seams or heavy duty fabrics. It is extremely strong and can therefore be used on a wide range of extreme fabrics including leather, denim and tarpaulins. Aerofil No.35 is quite exceptional for soft furnishings and provides attractive reliefs in buttonholing and decorative stitching.

Optimum elongation and the high quality of Aerofil No.35 guarantee problem free sewing performances on all sewing machines. Used as top stitching or in the bobbin, Aerofil No.35 sews equally well by hand and is just perfect for crafts too.

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