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Threads are extremely important since it is the thing that holds the fabric together. But it is very important to select the right Madeira threads Australia because not each thread goes well with each sewing project.

It is very important to know your threads. The following are types of threads you need to know:

Types of threads – Madeira threads Australia

  • Polyester threadpolyester threads are great for any type of project, both in machine sewing and in hand sewing. It does not break easily so you can use it on stretchy knits. It usually includes a finish of wax or silicone which makes it easier on slipping it through the fabric. There are also invisible polyester threads.
  • Cotton thread – cotton threads usually break pretty easily. It is recommended to use it for more delicate projects such as lingerie. It is recommended to use it with fabrics such as cotton, linen or rayon.
  • Metallic thread – you sometimes see these Madeira threads Australia on handbags. They come in silver, gold and copper, and are usually used with machine embroidery.
  • Wool thread – it is usually used with embroidery projects and it is a very strong thread.
  • Silk thread – silk threads are very fine threads. They are flexible, and are great for sewing silk and wool.
  • Designer thread – designer threads are made of more than one types of Madeira threads Australia, or in other words, a blend of two or more threads.
  • Heavy duty thread – heavy duty thread is also made of polyester, but it is only good for sewing canvas or upholstery.

Madeira threads Australia

All about sewing threads – Madeira threads Australia

  • What are you sewing? What type of sewing project is this? Sometimes the thread selection is very important and other times it is not. Some types of sewing:  darning – repairing rips and holes, sewing a pattern – like a dress or pants, embroidery – cross stitch, needlepoint, blackwork, hardanger, stumpwork, shadow work, whitework, crewel work, ribbon embroidery, and more. With embroidery there are different types of Madeira threads Australia in a single project.
  • Quality – you need to know the quality of the fabric in order to choose the right kind of fabric for your particular project.
  • Color – you need to choose your Madeira threads Australia according to its color. After you decide on the type (polyester, cotton, metallic, wool or designer) and the strength of your thread, you need to pick the right color for your project.  It needs to suit the color of whatever it is that you are sewing. If you can’t find the right color which exactly matches the color of your project, choose a Madeira threads Australia which is one or two shades darker and not lighter than the fabric.
  • Instructions – you should always follow your sewing instructions when starting out a project and selecting the thread.
  • Do not buy cheap threads – they will not last and it would be a waste of fabric and your time and effort.

What is sewability?

The sewability of a thread describes the thread’s performance. Good sewability means uniform diameter and great surface finish. The parameters of sewability are: if there are no breakages when sewing in high speed; if the formation of the stitch is consistent; if there are no skipped stitches; if there is evenness, which prevents changes in the tension when sewing; a very high level of resistance of abrasion; and sufficient smoothness of surface.

Thread construction

All Madeira threads Australia (at least the conventional ones) start out as simple yarns. They are made of short fibres twisted together. The twist is the number of turns for each unit length. The twist direction is the direction of the twist. The size is also very important.

We hope you now know a little bit more about threads. Good luck with your sewing or embroidery project!

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