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If you are an embroidery fan, you know how fun it is to find a cool new pattern. You get all excited about starting out a new project. Choosing machine embroidery threads is not easy. And once you find a brand that you like, you don’t want to change it just because you found a cool new pattern. Machine embroidery thread conversion charts can help us convert our thread colors so we can use any pattern we find with our favourite brand of embroidery threads.


Machine embroidery thread conversion chart


Conversion charts

This happens a lot. You find a great embroidery project pattern online, but the threads are all wrong. You are using a different brand of threads and you need to convert the colors? That is the reason you need a machine embroidery thread conversion chart. Maybe the measurements are for Bernina and you are using a different type of machine. Maybe the threads are from a different brand.

The thread lots and supplies might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A good conversion chart can help you choose the right colors from many different types of manufacturers, even if a different company sold you the pattern.

It’s not always easy to find the right embroidery chart when you’re new to this embroidery business. We will try to help you by describing the different types of machine embroidery thread conversion charts as well as all the information regarding finding the relevant chart for you.

 Manufacturer charts

Luckily, a lot of manufacturers of embroidery tools such as threads know that their customers need to convert their thread information. In order to give their customers what they want, they have conversion charts on their sites.

But don’t worry, when there is no machine embroidery thread conversion chart available, a lot of manufacturers list very detailed information regarding the color of their threads, including pictures, so that the consumers can compare the different threads without a chart.


this website includes a detailed Machine embroidery thread conversion chart.

Brother USA:

in the Brother website, there is a detailed color chart with each of their threads, including a picture, number and description.


the Robinson website includes a conversion chart as well as a thread color list.

Thread charts

What’s wonderful about online communities, is that people that had a similar need to yours enjoy sharing their search results with you. The following are websites in which different users have gathered a number of machine embroidery thread conversion charts for different brands of embroidery threads.


on this website there is a wide variety of machine embroidery thread conversion charts, we highly recommend it. They include conversions for threads by Brother, Sulky, Sylko, Madeira, Baby Lock and Isacord.

Fiber Images:

this website includes a chart which converts embroidery threads by Madeira, DMC, Anchor, and J&P Coates.

Embroidery Thread Database

Most brand manufacturers provide online information regarding their colors, as well as swatches arranged by numbers. Although you should never really rely on the colors you see on your screen, this would give you an idea about the color you will be using. When you encounter a new embroidery pattern, you usually don’t want to use specifically the type of thread they used for the pattern.

Because everyone has their favorite thread brand they prefer to use with each pattern, like Madeira for example. If you encounter a great new pattern you just have to try, but the threads are all wrong, just use one of the many machine embroidery thread conversion charts. They’re easy to use and provide you with exactly what you need.

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